Ever watched Ray Mears or Bear Grylls and wanted to give it a try yourself? Cave & Canyon UK run a full range of Bushcraft and Survival courses.

All of our survival courses are tailored to your exact requirements in terms of how adventurous you want to be, and how basic you are prepared to go on the comfort front, starting with very basic introductions and going all the way up to castaway style experiences.

Whatever level of course you try you can be assured of expert tuition and will come away with a wide range of new skills. We can include basic skills such as collecting tinder and lighting fire techniques, making shelters and searching for edible fruits and berries, right up to making traps, skinning and preparing animals and then cooking in the wild.

Comfort levels on our survival courses can range from having tents and sleeping mats to making your own bivi and collecting bedding materials from the surrounding woodland. All our cooking is done on open fires, but use of pans is up to you!

Bush Craft – £35pp – 3 hour session

For more information or to discuss your ideas please either,

Email info@caveandcanyon.uk


call 07799 665576